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The Curaçao Clean Up is an initiative of several companies and foundations that want to make a positive impact on the environment of Curaçao. On this page you can read who we are and why we feel this is important!


Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association also known as CHATA, works to deliver a visible, leading and effective (marketing) contribution towards a vibrant and sustainable Curaçao tourism/ hospitality product. Therefore we feel it is extremely important to contribute to maintain our beautiful island clean, not just for us but also for all the tourists who would like to experience Curaçao. With the help of our members we want to tackle certain areas and we think the Curaçao Clean Up is a first step in the right direction.


For the Curacao Beverage Bottling Company, better known as ‘Coca-Cola Curacao’, it is a real pleasure to be the organizing partner of the Curacao Clean up.

One of Coca-Cola Curacao’s mayor goals is to restrict the impact on the environment to a minimum, with a particular focus on Water consumption reduction, Energy consumption reduction and Waste Management. With our efforts to reduce our carbon footprints we go pretty far. An example of this is our ‘Waste Water Treatment Program’: all our water is collected and transported to ‘the Amstel gemaal’ below the ground and from there send to ‘Hofi Klein Kwartier’ to be purified by ‘Dienst Openbare Werken’ (department of our local government). They will transport our purified water to the Punda area, where they water the trees with the recycled water from our plant with it. More information about this process can be found on http://www.fria.com/fria-cares (in Dutch).

Not only internally, but also externally is Coca-Cola active to promote recycling, by encouraging consumers to bring their empty bottles and cans to the nearest recycle center. For example the ‘Coca-Cola Recycling Center’ at the Mangusa Hypermarket, that is placed in close cooperation with GreenForce.

In relation with the Curacao Cleanup, we can state that with the knowledge that Coca-Cola Curacao has obtained with previous clean-up operations and recycling; with our network; equipment; manpower; financial resources and of course with our refreshing thirst lessors, we will participate to also make the third edition of this event a great success!

Curaçao Cares

Curaçao Cares is a volunteer platform (www.curacaocares.org) with the aim of encouraging and facilitating volunteerism in partnership with individuals, companies and social organizations. Curaçao Cares gladly joined Curaçao Clean up to help raise awareness on how everyone can contribute to take care of the environment and to keep Curaçao clean!


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CURious2DIVE, a dive organzation that cares about the underwater world. We are connected with REEFCARE (reefmonitoring), SECORE (reconstruction of the reefs with Elkhorncoral) and we reguraly organize underwater clean ups with locals. As a local organization we know the underwater world of Curaçao and we are confronted daily with the polution under water.

By participating in the Curaçao Clean Up organization we want to make a mayor change, by educating and participation of the locals in the clean up to a better and clean evironment. A higher awareness with our ‘Yu di Kòrsou’ wil be a goal.

Dolphin Academy Curaçao

Dolphin Academy’s mission is to show the truth behind the dolphins despite their popular and sometimes mythological image. By providing information and interaction we hope to encourage a sense of admiration and fascination based on facts and not fiction.

Organizing the 1st edition of Curaçao Clean Up is for Dolphin Academy a way to have a positive impact on the environment of Curaçao, and to create more awareness about the damage that waste can cause.

Fundashon Kòrsou Limpi i Bunita (FKLB)

FKLB is dedicated to promoting a healthy and clean environment by creating awareness among the youth about better waste management. The foundation also organizes activities during the annual cleaning month which takes place in September. During this month a variety of clean up events are organized all over the country.


Green Force is dedicated to create and facilitate recycling on the island of Curaçao. Starting with information, society can be informed about the possibilities and become aware of what they can do to help save the planet by proper waste disposal.

In the process of making recycling available to everyone, Green Force hopes that people will gain consciousness about how to chose their products and how to take proper care of its packaging.

Through recycling we can help our natural environment, we create jobs, increase the life of our landfill, reduce our waste and generate profits that will benefit the island and its environment.
Everybody can recycle, therefore everybody can help save the planet.

Make them Smile Foundation

Foundation Make them Smile offers children in underprivileged situations (poverty, psychological, physical) an unforgettable day, with the help of an event that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. Make Them Smile brought together the partners to build up the Curacao Clean Up together. The idea is to teach children that they also can give something back to the island.

Selikor N.V.

Selikor N.V. is the largest waste management company on Curaçao. One of the main objectives of the company is to contribute to a clean and healthy environment using an integrated approach to managing waste.

Complying with local and international laws and in an environmentally friendly manner, we carry out our activities within an integrated waste management framework. These activities are carried out with the assistance of modern management methods, modern materials and equipment and are based upon sound economic principles.

We proactively anticipate the increasing demand for assistance in the field waste management.

Stichting Uniek Curaçao

The foundation Uniek Curaçao is based on volunteers and has been operating without subsidies for over 22 years to increase the living standard of the local community and to improve the quality and sustainability of tourism on Curaçao. The goal of Uniek Curaçao is maintaining and improving the physical and social living environment and secure the livability of the island for both local inhabitants and visitors. Only by collaborating between several organizations it will be possible to reach this goal.