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We believe it takes many perspectives to create the most feasible and sustainable solutions to eliminate illegal trash sites and waste from our streets, beaches and oceans. As a result, our actions are diverse and include cleanups, education, awareness and prevention. Below you can read more about or educational efforts.


As an extension of our educational efforts, we’ve partnered up with GreenKidz Curaçao Foundation in 2014. Through GreenKidz’s educational programs important lessons about the importance of recycling, nature preservation and environmental awareness are brought to classrooms around the island all year long. Our educational goals are also underscored through our partnership with Dolphin Academy whom addresses largely the plastic challenge swirling in our oceans.

Awareness & Prevention

The Curaçao Clean Up foundation is an active participant in the dialogue with members of different government entities on legislation regarding illegal waste dumping and litter. In August 2015 the law of public order has been put into place and in April 2016 the fines have been determined. This is a huge milestone, allowing the government bodies to sanction offenders.

Helpful tips & links

Why is it important to help keep Curaçao clean and always throw your trash in a trash can? On this page we will try to answer that question, providing helpful information, tips and links.

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Apart from recycling there are many other things you can easily do to protect our environment. Curaçao Dolphin Academy created the campaign ‘Saving our Seas … Saving Ourselves’, to give people concrete ideas on how they can help protect the environment we live in.