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Curacao Clean Up 2015

NOTE: Locations are subject to change! We may notify you to assign you to a nearby location if necessary.

  • Beach

    • Caracasbaai
    • Directeursbaai
    • Jerami
    • Klein Curaçao
    • Lagun
    • Marie Pampoen


    • Brievengat – Sentro Deportivo Kòrsou surroundings
    • Boka St.Michiel – Kaya Virtut surroundings
    • Hato Caves (Hato Caves surroundings)
    • Janthiel – Mirador
    • Matancia – Kaya Akoerio surroundings
    • Otrobanda – Mega Pier  surroundings
    • Otrobanda –  Curom surroundings
    • Piscadera –  Port Entrance
    • Playa Kanoa – Street to Kanoa
    • Saliña – Mangrove
    • Saliña – Fokkerweg surroundings
    • Saliña – Albert Schweitzer College surroundings
    • Saliña – Kaminda Saliña surroundings
    • Scherpenheuvel – Kaya Mila
    • Scherpenheuvel – Kaya Cinthia
    • Vredenberg – SUBT Stadium surroundings


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    • Boca St. Michiel
    • Caracasbaai
    • Caracasbaai – peninsula – Tug Boat
    • Directeursbaai
    • Jerami
    • Lagun
    • Marie Pampoen
    • Pietermaai –  Scuba Lodge coast


Please note participation in the Curacao Clean Up is at your own risk. The organization of the Curacao Clean Up accepts no liability for damage or injury resulting from participation in this event. The organization of the Curacao Clean Up is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to private property or property of others.