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Time Schedule

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MONDAY, SEPT 4th, 2017

Please note that all the clean up loaction will be confirmed by email to participating volunteers and partners on this date. The location are assigned on a first-come-first basis.

SATURDAY, SEPT 9th, 2017

8:45am // Session 1: Coffee & mingling

9:00am // Start Briefing Session 1

9:30am // Breakout sessions 1

11:00am // Wrap up break out sessions 1

END Session1

11:15am // CCU team - Breaks for lunch

12:15pm // Session 2: Drinks & Mingling

12:30pm // Start Briefing Session 2

1:00pm // Breakout sessions 2

3:30pm // Wrap up break out sessions 2

END Session 2

4:00pm // Conduct Location visit if needed

Location: to be confirmed
SATURDAY, SEPT 16th, 2017

6:30am // Arrival Runner at Distribution Point

6:30am // Arrival Coordinator on Location

7:00am // Arrival Volunteers on Location

7:30am // StartVolunteer Briefing

7:45am // Start Clean Up

9:00am // First break

9:15am // Continue Cleaning

10:30am // Second Break

10:45am // Start Wrapping Up

11:00am // Location Site inspection

11:15am // Last Run to deposit trash

11:30am // Collect all Clean Up Materials

12:00-2:00pm // Wrap Party @
Location: to be confirmed


Once you have registered your volunteer team for the Curaçao Clean Up Day and you have received a registration and clean up location confirmation email from the Curaçao Clean Up team, please register below for the MANDATORY Coordinator Briefing. During this meeting we will discuss safe cleaning practices and the program of the day. Please note, even if you have attended the coordinator briefing during previous years, you have to attend this meeting. As team captain it is your responsability to be well-informed! You can choose from 2 sessions; Session 1 starts at 9:00AM and Session 2 starts at 12:30PM. Please review the schedule of the day above. Please reserve a minimum of 2-hours for the Coordinator Briefing Session.

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