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About Curaçao Cleanup

Curaçao is home to more than 160 thousand people, and each of us produces about 4.5 pounds of trash on a daily basis. When driving around the island you will see trash on the sides of the road, at the beaches, and even in the sea. As citizens, we are all responsible for keeping Curaçao clean. We believe it takes many perspectives to create the most feasible and sustainable solutions to eliminate illegal trash sites and waste from our streets, beaches, and oceans. As a result, our actions are diverse and include cleanups, education, awareness, and prevention. 


The Curaçao Clean Up initiative has never been only about cleaning up waste. We also aim to unite the Curaçao community, raise awareness, and implement true change to achieve our final goal– a clean and healthy Curaçao and ultimately a healthy planet!

In addition to the nationwide cleanup effort, the annual CURAÇAO CLEAN UP DAY, the foundation also takes the initiative in organizing the ‘After-Fuik Clean Up’ at the beginning of every year and other Clean Up events in relation to for example Earth Day annually celebrated on April 22nd.

The Curaçao Clean Up Foundation is working tirelessly towards one common goal; a cleaner and healthier environment for Curaçao’s residents and future generations. To reach this goal we need your support! We cannot leave the fate of our environment solely in the hands of our government. We believe that active citizens lead, governments follow and technology enables.

How it started

Curaçao Clean Up started as a grassroots initiative when a group of active citizens from various organizations decided to join forces and take action. It took 3 months of intense planning and the generous funds of many companies from the private sector. On September 21st, 2013  more than 1,700 committed volunteers collected 498,000 kilos of illegal trash from the streets of Curaçao in just over 4 hours. We demonstrated that by joining forces we can do so much!

Under regular circumstances, nationwide cleanups of this magnitude would have taken the Curaçao government at least three years and a few million guilders to clean up the same amount of illegal trash. We've been doing it with the support of volunteers annually for the past 4 years, for an average of ANG 55,000 in 3 months.

Below you'll find the previous year's recap videos.

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